About Our Product

Vipeq‘s Thermal CorkShield™ is the most advanced green energy product on the market right now. Our product brings the amazing natural characteristics of cork  and applies them to your home. Some of these benefits are, thermal insulation, a water barrier and sound dampening. Keep scrolling to learn more about Thermal CorkShield™.

Improved Home Exterior

Our product not only lowers utility bills, but it also adds a beautiful texture and color making your home stand out for years to come!

Lowers Utility Bills

When the cork is applied to the surface of your home, it creates a thermal barrier that keeps the outside elements, outside. This leads to lower utility bills month after month.

Eliminates Maintenance

Our proprietary formula that was developed over years of research has allowed our product to not only keep the elments out but also hold its shape and color. Unlike paint which fades an average of 3-5% a year, Thermal CorkShield™  has seen less than 1% fading annually, even in a harsh Arizona environment.

What our Customers Think

Desert Mountain Residence, Scottsdale Arizona

About our Product

Cork Properties

                  • thermal

                    Thermal Insulation:

                    Corks natural function is to protect the tree that it comes from. Its temperature range of 32° to 85 ° F. provides a resistance to heat 30 times higher than concrete thanks to its alveolar structure, low water content and lack of conductivity of its compounds.

                  • fire2

                    Fire Retardant:

                    Non combustible does not propagate flames nor does it release incandescent particles.

                  • lightness


                    88% of its volume is air, translating to a low density, between 0.12 and 0.24 Quarts/Lb

                    No structural additions required.
                  • acoustic2

                    Acoustic Insulation:

                    Depending on your installation and combination with other materials it reduces noise up to 18 decibels. If applied on both sides of a wall it duplicates its acoustic action

                  • tube

                    Test Results:

                    Our product has been tested by labs to ensure its properties, to view the lab reports click here.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Judith McDaniel and Jan Schwartz

The work you did on our home—insulating and painting at the same time with a cork product—is beautiful. We are so pleased with the finished product. Thank you for an excellent job. We are “covered in cork” and delighted with it.

Judith McDaniel and Jan SchwartzHappy customer
Mike Holmes

It‘s breathable, fire rated, flexible, and it looks good!

Mike HolmesAmerica‘s most trusted contractor
Stephen Hymel

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the product, company, enhanced value, and cost-savings!

Stephen HymelHappy customer
Ralph Caldwell

The product is so energy efficient and creates such an even look to our home.

Ralph CaldwellHappy customer

Residential Applications

Clean and defined edges

Where stucco cracks were


Old leaking roofs


Become sealed and beautiful again

Your home can have a
brand new look with our
many available colors

Custom colors availble upon request

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